User’s Guide for Takeo City Library and Historical Museum

User’s card

A library user’s card or T-card is required when borrowing books from the library. The card can be validly used for borrowing books for three years from the date it is issued. Some form of personal identification (documents containing your current address such as driver’s license, health insurance card, and student card) is required when applying for a card. Consent from a guardian is required for children who are under 12 years old, so please be sure to come to the library accompanied by a guardian.
In addition, people with T-cards can accumulate T-points by using the self-service counter (automatic lending machine), at a rate of 3 points once a day.

Number of books and other materials you can borrow at one time

Books Up to 10 For up to 15 days
Magazines Up to 2 For up to 8 days
Audio-visual materials Up to 2 For up to 8 days

If you have any items that are past their return date, you cannot borrow any new items until their return has been confirmed.

If you would like to view any audio-visual materials within the library, we can lend you a portable DVD player. Use is limited to one time per day per customer.
*They can only be used in a designated place.

Borrowing iPads (internet browsing)

You can use an iPad inside the library to browse the internet. Usage time is limited to one hour per day per customer.
*Children who are 12 and under are requested to use the iPads installed in the library.

For disabled people

Wheelchairs are provided within the library.
Help is provided for people with impaired vision by library volunteers in the form of a transliteration service, a face-to face reading aloud service and braille translations.
Please feel free to use them.

For people with infants

Strollers are provided within the library. There is also a nursing room (with a bed for changing diapers and a water heater exclusively for providing clean water for formula milk) and toilets exclusively for children provided so please feel free to use them.

Food and drink

Drinks purchased within the library can be enjoyed inside, excluding the Western Studies and Project Exhibition Room areas and the dedicated browsing seats for the Local Historical Materials. Food purchased within the library should be eaten in the designated places. Food brought into the library can only be enjoyed at the food court on the 2nd floor of the Kids’ Library. Please refrain from taking food into the main building of the library.

Food Court

You can eat food purchased within the library and packed food that you have brought with you in the Food Court. You can also enjoy using the terrace seating.

User’s guide for book pickup and return service

If you go to a manned counter when you’re borrowing books and apply for the “pickup and return service,” we will lend you a special delivery bag for a set price.

When you have finished reading the books, place them back in the special delivery bag and either contact Yamato Transport for pickup or take it to a nearby convenience store (limited to those that deal with Yamato Transport), or take it to a Yamato Transport business office.
Please ensure that the books arrive at the Takeo City Library by the designated return date.

Other matters/Points to note

  • ・ Please refrain from taking photographs within the library, apart from in certain designated places.
  • ・ Tablet devices, including iPads and smartphones, and other electronic devices that emit noise cannot be used in the Study Room area.

User’s guide for Tsutaya Books

Selling books and magazines

A carefully selected array of the latest books has been assembled and Magazine Street boasts around 500 different titles of magazines.

Selling stationery

A wide range of stationery goods have been assembled, including stationery for everyday use and stationery for special occasions. You can also get exclusive products from Tsutaya Books Takeo City Library.

You will receive 1 T-point for every 200 yen (including tax) spent at Tsutaya Books.
*There are some products that are exempt from this promotion.

User’s guide for STARBUCKS

Starbucks is a specialty coffee store that was founded in Seattle, USA. You can enjoy a rich variety of espresso drinks, based on espressos made from high quality Arabica coffee beans, as well as pastries and sandwiches. Drinks purchased here can be enjoyed within the library, apart from in the Western Studies and Project Exhibition Room and the dedicated browsing seats for the Local Historical Materials.

However, please understand that food like pastries and sandwiches can only be eaten in the customer seats on the left side of the café and on the terrace.

Please spend some enjoyable time surrounded by books, with your favorite coffee in one hand.

You will receive 1 T-point for every 200 yen (including tax) spent at Starbucks Coffee.

User’s Guide for Kyushu Pancake Café

Only ingredients from Kyushu are used in the pancake mix to produce this new type of pancake with a light, fluffy and chewy texture. The menu includes a wide range of different pancakes from sweet desserts to savory side dishes.

Drinks are provided from Fukuoka’s famous specialty coffee shop, Honey Coffee.

You will receive 1 T-point for every 200 yen (including tax) spent at Kyushu Pancake Café.


5304-1 Tekeocho Oaza Takeo, Takeo City, Saga Prefecture
10 minute walk/5 minute taxi ride from Takeo Onsen Station, JR Sasebo Line

Library opening times:9:00-21:00/ Open every day throughout the year
(this may be subject to change in case of disaster or emergency)
TEL: 0954-20-0222 (switchboard number)
FAX: 0954-20-0223

Tsutaya Books Takeo City Library
TEL: 0954-20-0300
FAX: 0954-20-0301

STARBUCKS COFFEE Tsutaya Books Takeo City Library Branch
TEL: 0954-20-0313
FAX: 0954-20-0303

Kyushu Pancake Café Tsutaya Books Takeo City Library Branch
TEL: 0954-23-0644